(Prof. Dr. Fári Miklós, Domokosné Dr. Szabolcsy Éva, Koroknai Judit Ágnes, Dr. Kaszás László, Kovács Zoltán, Dr. Tarek Alshaal, Dr. Newien Elhawat, Tóth Csaba)


  •     Research on heavy metal tolerance among new perennial herbaceous biomass plants
  •     Research on herbaceous perennial plants (energy mallows, reeds, etc.) created by genetic engineering-cell biology methods
  •     Use of protein hydrolysates for agricultural purposes,
  •     Biogenesis and circulation of inorganic, organic and nanoselenium forms in crop production systems, application for fortification purposes
  •     Investigation of alternative plant protein sources for feed utilization: alfalfa / Jerusalem artichoke green plant biomass fractionation, leaf protein concentrate production, biological / chemical evaluation,   proteomic studies
  •     Investigation of alternative plant protein sources for human utilization: fractionation of green plant biomass of vegetable plants, development of products with high content value
  •     Application of micropropagation techniques in the propagation of annual and perennial ornamental plants
  •     Production of modular vertical plant walls with flowering and leaf ornamental plants
  •     Development and application of plant cloning bioreactors in micropropagation
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