(Dr. Kovács Szilvia, Dr. Bákonyi Nóra, Aszalósné Balogh Rebeka)


  •     Comparative fiber biology research in the vegetative organs of alfalfa cultivars

  •     Wet fractionated vegetable fibers as an alternative bio-based raw material

  •     Possibilities of utilizing alfalfa whey (dpj) as an alternative raw material for bioindustry

  •     Investigation of the weed diversity of field and horticultural crops depending on the mode of operation

  •     Plant anatomical study of field and horticultural crop species, varieties and ecotypes

  •     Anatomical, morphological, cytological and reproductive biological examination of domestic flora plants for taxonomic and varietal characterization purposes

  •     Botanical survey and monitoring of saline habitats with different salinity (saline arable land and saline meadows): assessment of the analytical and synthetic depths of the associations of the study area as a function of salinity, morphological and microscopic plant anatomical study of salt tolerant species

  •     Botanical survey of near-natural habitats, flora research.

  •     Si turnover of cereals and possibilities of utilizing Si nutrition in the field of crop safety and environmentally friendly agriculture.

  •     Exploiting the role of Si in biotic and abiotic stress tolerance through plant breeding tools.

  •     Investigation of Si turnover of C3 and C4 field weed species.

  •     Preparation and analysis of phytolith stock reference material for environmental and habitat reconstruction research.

  •     Preparation and analysis of the reference material of the phytolith stock of cultivated species and ancient grains for research on the history of crop production and nutrition


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