Thesis topics

Veres Szilvia

  • Evaluation of plant physiological responses caused by water deprivation as a function of biological bases and other environmental pressures
  • Physiological investigation of nutrient utilization efficiency in terms of green agriculture
  • Production of feed/food with high nutritional value using plant physiological tools
  • Sorghum breeding, seed production, chemical emasculation possibilities
  • Physiological background of plant condition/health diagnostics


Bákonyi Nóra

  • Applicability of different wastewater (brown juice) from green biorefineries for microalgae cultivation
  • Stabilization of the composition of alfalfa brown juice/plant extracts of origins by fermentation
  • Prototyping of biofertiliser/biostimulator combinations (prototypes) ecriched with microalgae
  • Transfer of brown juice prepaprations to a carrier for use as feed
  • Field testing of prprietary and commercially avaliable biostimutant combinations
  • Conservation assessment of the potential for the use of brown juices


Szabolcsy Éva

  • Effect of seed priming on the development of selected vegetable crops
  • Green biomass-based protein for food development
  • Improving digestibility of different vegetable seed proteins by limited hydrolysis
  • Green forages valorization by different processing methodsd
  • Effect of differents proteolytic enzymes on the quality of checkpea and oat proteins


Makleit Péter

  • Mapping the natural defense ability of the ancient wheat species Triticum monococcum
  • Investigation of cyclic hydroxamic acid content in recent maize hybrids grown over large areas
  • Morphological and histological comparison of sweet and grain maize hybrids
  • Physiological background to the ecological success of Sand dropseed (Scorobolus cryptandrus)
  • Effect of hormone treatments on antioxidant enzyme activity of different maize hybrids


Kovács Szilvia

  • Floristic survey and monitoring of invasive plant species
  • Comparative plant anatomical (histological) studies on different treatments (selected cultivated plants, weeds)
  • Fibre analytic studies on selected plants
  • Floristic survey of a selected area  (Natura 2000 sites, local nature conservation areas, landscape protection areas, parts of national parks, semi-natural habitats, etc.)
  • Surves and monitoring of protected plant populations
  • Studying the effects of conservation treatments on vegetation compostion


Basal Oqba

  • Can the foliar application of α-oxoglutarate enhance drought tolerance of soybean seedlings?
  • Chickpea morpho-physiology under drought stress conditions
  • The influence of salt stress on chickpea seedlings
  • The effect of hydrogen peroxide foliar spray on the yield components of chickpea under drought stress conditions
  • The effects of exogenous application of hydrogen peroxide on the antioxidant system of soybean seedlings
  • Screening root morphology and leaf biochemistry of soybean seedlings under drought stress conditions


Kaszás László

  • Production of vegetable crops in hydroponic systems
  • Plant based green biorefining and its technlogical improvements
  • Possibilities and technological development of in vitro propagation of Jerusalem artichoke


Kovács Zoltán

  • Induction of somatic embryogenesis
  • Leaf protein extraction, concentration, technology development with selected plant species
  • Processing alternative protein crops via green biorefining


Aszalósné Balogh Rebeka

  • Processing od Árpád Degen Herbarium of the University of Debrecen
  • Organization of cryptogam associations in synanthropic conditions
  • Organization of cryptogam associations in near-natural conditions
  • Floristic survey, survey and size estimation of plant populations
  • Studying the effects of conservation treatments on vegetation composition
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