Thesis topics

Veres Szilvia

  • Evaluation of plant physiological responses caused by water deprivation as a function of biological bases and other environmental pressures
  • Plant physiological study of nutrient utilization efficiency in terms of green agriculture
  • Production of highly nutritious feed with plant physiological tools
  • Benefits of single and combined abiotic stress effects in quality food production
  • Physiological background of plant condition diagnostics



Bákonyi Nóra

  • Molecular identification of lactic acid-producing bacteria from alfalfa / soya / Jerusalem artichoke brown juice (phytoserum) for fermentation purposes
  • Stabilization of the composition of alfalfa / soy / Jerusalem artichoke brown juice (phytoserum) by fermentation
  • Developing microalgae enriched biofertilizer / biostimulator combinations
  • To study the possibility of utilizing alfalfa brown as media for nature conservation
  • Development of spirulina algae cointaining biostimulators using a sustainable algae growing platform
  • Carriage of brown juice preparations on different carriers for use as forage
  • Field study of combinations of  self-developed and commercially available biostimulators



Szabolcsy Éva

  • Micronutrient fortification in fodder crops
  • Investigation of selenium-induced changes in alfalfa proteome
  • Valoriziation of green biomass by different wet processing methods
  • Impact of harvesting time on the protein aiming-use of horticultural green by-products




Basal Oqba

  • Can the foliar application of α-oxoglutarate enhance drought tolerance of soybean seedlings
  • Chickpea morpho-physiology under drought stress conditions
  • The influence of salt stress on chickpea seedlings
  • The effect of hydrogen peroxide foliar spray on the yield components of chickpea under drought stress conditions
  • The effects of exogenous application of hydrogen peroxide on the antioxidant system of soybean seedlings
  • Screening root morphology and leaf biochemistry of soybean seedlings under drought stress conditionsScreening root morphology and leaf biochemistry of soybean seedlings under drought stress condition


Kaszás László

  • Micropropagation of different Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.) varieties
  • Determination of green biomass parameters of Jerusalem artichokes harvested at different phenophases
  • Investigation of some plant fitonutrients under LED light treatment


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