Plant Physiology

(dr. Veres Szilvia, Makleit Péter, Csákyné Faragó Erzsébet)


  •     Investigation of nutrient utilization efficiency of cultivated plants / varieties
  •     Characterization of the relationship between nitrogen and carbon metabolism in cereals and oilseeds in the case of suitably productive varieties even with the use of less fertilizers
  •     Investigation of the parameters of the chlorophyll fluorescence induction method in the field of load and / or stress detection
  •     Investigation of the relationships between nitrogen supply and leaf protein content in terms of genotype traits
  •     Applicability of in situ measurable plant physiological indicators in the field of precision agriculture
  •     Investigation of alternative nutrient replenishment options (microorganism-based preparations, various production by-products) in accordance with the principles of sustainable crop production
  •      Comparison of colonization of different pathogens and cyclic hydroxamic acid content of maize hybrids
  •     Occurrence of cyclic hydroxamic acids and evaluation of their role as stress markers
  •     Determination and comparison of cyclic hydroxamic acid content of maize hybrids and genetically modified lines with different genetic backgrounds
  •     Characterization of nutrient utilization of energy crops, and the issues of adequate nutrient replenishment
  •     Investigation of sensitivity to toxic elements, relationship between uptake and accumulation

Updated: 2021.04.26.

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